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What type of background do I need to apply?

Miami Ad School Frequently Asked Questions

Within any creative environment there needs to be a diverse group of people that feed off of each other and gain inspiration. Miami Ad School is not any different. Prior schooling is not required but 92% of our students have their bachelor’s degree or some prior college experience. Some even have their master’s or a law degree- the two most important qualities that an applicant must posses are creativity and the desire to work hard.

A lot of students studied communications, marketing or advertising in college. They had one, maybe two creative classes and throughout their circles, were know as the “creative one.” They come with a strategy background and Miami Ad School helps them with their creative portfolio. Others studied fine art, graphic design or studio art - they may have a portfolio but need to gear it more towards advertising, to include campaigns. Then there is the group of people who studied what they thought they should, not particularly what they wanted. They may have been engineers or lawyers and one day realized that they needed to do something creative with their lives.

Because our students had different majors and grew up in places all over the world, brainstorming becomes a learning experience in itself and new, fresh ideas can emerge. Interested in the school? Set up a visit so you can see the type of students who attend firsthand. Know someone who wants to apply? Forward them this story. If you have any questions, contact the admissions advisor in the location of your choice, or write it below in the comments!

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