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UPDATED (w/VIDEO): Grad Branden Kramer's Side Project Causes a Sensation: "The Situation" Shirt

Branden Kramer's latest project started out as a lark. Now everyone seems to want to get their hands on his "The Situation" Shirt.

Branden's shirt is getting more play in the national media. The shirt was on the Today Show yesterday morning (Donny Deutsch was wearing one!) and it will also make an appearance on CBS's The Early Show tomorrow Friday the 15th!

The Situation Shirt is now on sale! Visit the store now.

Miami Ad School grad Brandon Kramer thought it would be a funny gag to create a couple of tees lampooning "The Situation" from MTV's notorious Jersey Shore. So, he cooked up a design, made-up a couple of samples--including a de rigeur tank top--asked a couple of appropriately six-packed friends to model, and had some shots taken. He promptly posted them on the interwebs.

Surely good for a nice (play-on-words definitely intended) belly-laugh, he sent the link around to some acquaintances. And that, Branden thought, was that.

Boy, was Mr. Kramer wrong.

Here is a listing of the mentions Branden's prank on "The Situation" has garnered so far:

Comedy Central


The World's Best Ever

The Village Voice

92.3 NOW FM

95.5 KLUC FM



The Gloss



What started out as a bit tomfoolerly (Look it up, kids!) has become a bit of a meme and now Branden is finding out that people want to buy the shirts! (If they actually want to wear them--save for upcoming Halloween bashes--is another issue.)

Funny things happen when your Pop Culture Engineering efforts go all subversive, don't they?

See all the startling images here.

Click here for more information on the Miami Base School.


  •  The Situation Shirt on The Early Show



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