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International Andy Awards: Miami Ad School wins Best of Show and All Gold and Silver Awards

Miami Ad School Executes A Near-Sweep of the Student Category of the International Andy Awards Taking All Of The Golds and Silvers and, Of Course, Best of Show.

To say we’re proud would be an understatement. Miami Ad School students won five of seven student awards presented at the International ANDY Awards presented last Wednesday night, April 7th.
They took home not only all of the gold and silvers awarded, but also the Student Best of Show.

Our sincerest atta-boys (and girls) go to:

Bjorn Borstelmann, AD
Thibault Gerard, AD
Henrik Düfke, CW
“The Voiceipt Campaign”
International ANDY Awards Gold
Glen C. Smith Scholarship Winner, Student Best of Show

Marton Jedlicska, AD
Peter Megler, CW
“Democratic Champion’s League”
International ANDY Awards Gold

Savina Mokreva, AD
Mihnea Gheorghiu, CW
“Make Kids Wash Their Hands More”
International ANDY Awards Silver

Andreas Rasmussen, AD
Pranay Suri, AD
“Around the World in 50 Meters”
International ANDY Awards Silver

Kirsten Swank, AD
International ANDY Awards Bronze

Also, we would be remiss if we failed to mention that two graduates of our Boot Camp for Account Planners--Scott MacMaster and Martin Ramos--were on the team that won the Grandy $50,000 Best of Show prize for “Replay” for Gatorade.

Learn more about the International ANDY Awards.

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